A LeadGen.com Case History

Publicity Company

When a publicity company needed to break through the clutter in a crowded B2B Market to engage with C-level executives and close some news deals, they called LeadGen.com.

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The client was a small, but extremely “energetic,” publicity firm that knew how to get exposure for their consumer product manufacturer clients. They had a long track record of success – not just getting their clients in print, and on radio and TV, but making sure that that exposure translated into real sales. As a result they had many examples of how they helped their clients make money – and a lot of it.

The Problem

The problem for the company, however, was that while they were very good at getting exposure for their clients among consumers, they didn’t have the time to get exposure for themselves among the mid-sized and large manufacturers they wanted to sell to. It wasn’t clear that publicity would work as well in the B2B market as it did in the consumer market. And to make matters worse, it’s a very crowded market.

The Solution

Having heard about LeadGen.com, they called to see what we could do. Preliminary discussions suggested that the best approach would be LeadGen.com’s Executive Appointment-Setting solution – designed to break through the clutter and politics that exist at large companies. The method combines research, direct mail and telemarketing, so it’s a little expensive, but results tend to be extremely favorable.


Out of 30 large companies they targeted with the initial campaign, LeadGen.com managed to get them C-level appointments in at least 10 – a 33% appointment rate. And the client had three signed contracts before the campaign was even over.

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