A LeadGen.com Case History

Ad Agency Partnership for a Racetrack

A horse-racing venue's revenues had fallen flat. So, they called in an ad agency to reposition the track in the market after revitalization. The problem was, this only went to so far and the return on investment needed for the track owners just wasn't materializing. So, the ad agency call on LeadGen.com.

Find out how we help them solve the problem, while turning a repositioning campaign into an ongoing client!


A mid-Atlantic advertising agency that specializes in sports marketing was working with a horse-racing venue that had fallen on hard times. New owners wanted to revitalize the track and make it a family-friendly destination, and so they invested heavily in the facility and in marketing, and added events, fine food and other entertainment based around their core horse-racing offering. They called in a regional agency to develop a new look, a marketing strategy, literature, a Web site, and a full media campaign; and attendance started to rise in the first year of the program. For the agency, it was a mid-sized project, but because it had a limited geographic appeal, it had limited long-term potential for ongoing business. There was some ongoing media, but the re-positioning was a “once-and-done” affair, and results flattened out soon after the launch.


Despite the advertising campaign, horse-racing had a limited appeal in a crowded entertainment market. The campaign attracted the traditional racing fans, but most attendees came once, and although they enjoyed the day, didn’t see a reason to return more than once a year. Filling the stands every week was the key to success for the track, however, and for the agency to give the owners the ROI they needed.


Searching around for options, the agency decided to consider telemarketing, and contacted LeadGen.com. Having had experience in filling corporate events before, LeadGen.com suggested telemarketing to businesses to persuade them to hold corporate outings, picnics and teambuilding events at the track. The program was approved by the client, and ramped up in only two-weeks’ time.


The agency’s media program had created awareness in the market, so when LeadGen.com called the corporate event planners to solicit their companies’ interest, many people were already familiar with the track. And the suggestion to hold their annual picnic, a customer outing, or a teambuilding meeting were all enthusiastically received. LeadGen.com was able to lock up dates for hundreds of companies, each with anywhere from 5 to 500 attendees.

As a result of the B2B telemarketing program, the track was able to sell out almost all of their special event days, and generate enough repeat corporate business to meet their financial goals. And the agency, by subcontracting the telemarketing to LeadGen.com, was retained by the track to implement the program annually, with a tidy mark-up for their efforts.

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