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In-House vs Outsourced Marketing

Many companies wrestle with the question of whether they'd be better off hiring staff to do their marketing, or to outsource it.

Hiring arguably gives you more control, and it may save you some, but it limits your talent pool and flexibility. Outsourcing gives you a lot more options, but management can be tricky.

But neither of those arguments matter if your marketing plan isn't working.

You see, here's the thing. What really matters most in marketing is strategy. And that doesn't just mean picking a target market and a bunch of marketing mix elements. Strategic market planning is a science. And if you hire a Marketing Manager who doesn't understand it, you might as well just throw darts.

The reality is that if you hire people for a critical function like marketing, and they don't succeed, then they'll just go on to their next job - leaving you holding the bag.

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