Magical Thinking: Guessing What’s Going to Work

It's remarkably simple. If there's a gap between "where you are" and "where you want to be" with respect to your company's sales, you need to change what you're doing. To be sure, whether you have a stretch objective that you're trying to reach, or are simply struggling to survive, doing the same thing repeatedly - if it isn't moving the needle - isn't going to get you there.

So, what should you do?

The Rest of the Story...

The problem may be that your objectives themselves (i.e., "where you want to be") are unrealistic; in which case you may need to change how you come up with your objectives. Or it may be that something's holding you back. But if there's a gap between where your sales are and where you want them to be, LEADGEN.COM has the Strategic Market Planning experience, tools, and solutions to close the gap, and get you where you want to be. Fast.

Marketing Is More Than "Marketing Communications"?

Along with Operations and Finance, Marketing is one of the core functions of your business. But "Marketing" is a lot more than advertising or marketing communications. (In fact, those are merely promotional tactics that are implemented as part of a much broader Strategic Market Plan.) True marketing - or strategic marketing planning - includes deciding what markets to go after, and how to go after them. It therefore includes everything from sales management, coaching and recruiting, to new product development, positioning, channel management, lead generation, competitive strategies, application design, pricing and more. If you genuinely want to close your sales gap, you must look at your whole sales and marketing plan.

At LEADGEN.COM we pioneered the development of Strategic Market Planning as a tool for growth We're also not a one-trick-pony. Whether you need to penetrate new markets or develop old ones, LEADGEN.COM can help.

The Strategic Market Planning Process

Closing a gap requires a little discipline, and a little flexibility. You need the textbook and experience, research and intuition, traditional tools, and innovation. And at LEADGEN.COM, we bring it all. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty by going out in the field with your reps to see what's happening either. We will even talk to your prospects to find out why they're not buying from you. And we have available almost every marketing and sales solution you could possibly need. In short, we'll do whatever it takes to get you to where you need to be.

The approach we use is straightforward and time-tested:

• Situation analysis: identify the revenue gap between your goals and results
• Identify information gaps to be filled, and fill them
• Identify process gaps, shortfalls and barriers to success, root cause analysis
• Strategic options analysis
• Results, conclusions, and recommendations
• Decision
• Implementation
• Feedback
• Continuous improvement

Fixing Sales Problems Fast, and Permanently

We're also adherents of John Boyd's O-O-D-A approach (observe, orient, decide and act) as a means of gaining both tactical and strategic advantage. This means we take an "agile" approach that doesn't waste time, or sometimes even produce a binder.

We know the clock is ticking, the calendar is turning, and competition (and the bank, for that matter) isn't going to let up. So, if you need more sales this quarter, we can bring them in. And if you need to take your business to the next level over the next year, we can make that happen, too.

For now, though, the only thing you need to know is that closing your gap starts with one phone call - to LEADGEN.COM.

Did you know that LeadGen.com does more than just generate leads?

LeadGen.com is the "One-Stop Shop" for all your sales and marketing needs.

Strategy Development
☐ Opportunity Identification
☐ Strategic Analysis
☐ Competitive Analysis
☐ New Product Planning
☐ Strategic Market Planning
☐ Business Plans
☐ Marketing Plans
☐ Sales/Territory Plans
☐ Modeling and Risk Analysis
☐ Situation Analysis
☐ SWOT Analysis

☐ Targeted Facebook Ads
☐ Social Media Marketing
☐ Public Relations
☐ Digital Marketing
☐ LinkedIn Advertising
☐ Instagram, Twitter, etc.
☐ Pay-per-click Advertising
☐ Reverse Ads
☐ Intent Marketing
☐ Text Marketing
☐ Geofence Marketing
☐ Retargeting
☐ Video Marketing
☐ Click Funnels
☐ Mobile Marketing
☐ Billboards
☐ Radio / TV Advertising
☐ Digital Advertising
☐ Email Marketing
☐ Direct Mail
☐ Search Engine Optimization
☐ Publicity
☐ Branding

Content Creation and Distribution
☐ Blogging
☐ Vlogging
☐ Content Writing

Market Research and Targeting
☐ Primary Market Research
☐ Secondary Market Research
☐ Surveys and Questionnaires
☐ List Research and Clean-Up
☐ Data Mining
☐ Calling/Mailing Lists

Recruiting and Development
☐ Sales Recruiting
☐ Business Development Reps
☐ Channel Partner Recruiting
☐ Sales Manager Recruiting
☐ Marketing Manager Recruiting
☐ Sales Role Modelling
☐ Compensation Programs
☐ Influencer Recruiting

Sales Training
☐ Cold Calling Training
☐ Account Mgt Training
☐ Solution Selling
☐ Sales Coaching
☐ Sell Cycle Mgt

☐ UX/ UI Design
☐ CRM Systems
☐ Call Center Systems
☐ AI Systems
☐ Immersive Story-Telling
☐ e-Commerce Systems
☐ Custom Software
☐ Mobile Systems
☐ App Development
☐ Security and Anti-Fraud

Financial Solutions
☐ Commercial Loans
☐ Receivables Factoring
☐ Equity Investment

Sales/Marketing Consulting
☐ Sales Consulting
☐ Marketing Consulting
☐ Channel Consulting

Campaign Components
☐ Brochures and Fliers
☐ Case Histories
☐ Economic-Value Models
☐ Script Writing
☐ Cover Letters
☐ Sell Sheets
☐ Proposal Writing
☐ White Papers
☐ Videos
☐ Animation
☐ Infomercials
☐ Conversion Pages
☐ Landing Pages

Lead Generation
☐ B2B Telemarketing
☐ Professional Cold Calling
☐ LinkedIn Lead Generation
☐ Bulk Cold Calling
☐ Executive App't-Setting
☐ Getting Specced In
☐ Pre-Qualification Programs
☐ Nurture Campaigns
☐ Telesales
☐ Trade Show Pre-Calls
☐ Trade Show Follow-Ups
☐ Call Center Screening

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