Getting Specced In: Why You’re Getting Shut Out

Are you an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) who needs to increase your company's sales?

What if you could get "specced in" by the architects, consultants, designers, and engineers who design the products, buildings and applications that use your product while they're still in the planning phase?

Learn how Getting Specced In can help!

Get Specced In can put you in front of the professionals who decide what products will be used in their project. Whether it goes into a new product, a new building, or an application, our Get Specced In solution can get you in the door.

So, you can make the sale before your competition even knows there's an opportunity.

Why Get Specced In?

Success in sales is all about account control. And account control is all about getting in early and influencing the spec.

Because you know the old adage: If you can control the spec - the design that incorporates your type of product - then you can control what brand the customer is going to buy, even - if not especially - if you sell through a channel.

LEADGEN.COM's Get Specced In solution is all about getting you there first so you can become part of the spec.

And so, you won't become "column fodder" for a Supply Chain Manager who's only looking for the lowest price.

How "Get Specced In" Works

Get Specced In is a marketing strategy and service we offer that starts with primary and secondary market research to find out who's designing the products, solutions, systems or buildings (depending on what you make) that incorporate your type of products.

We then contact these decision influencers - getting past their gatekeepers and other barriers-to-entry - and introduce your product as a potential solution.

We'll uncover their needs and goals and get them to want to hear your story because it solves their problems.

Then we'll set up the appointment for your salesperson or channel partner - so you can go in and drive the sale. And your competition won't even know what hit them.

Who Needs to Get Specced In?

If your prospects don't want you talking to their users, you need to Get Specced In. If your buyers want to assess their own needs and send out an RFP to five other vendors, you need to Get Specced In. And especially if your competition is wiring the bid, you really need to Get Specced In!

Whether you're selling components or finished products, if you're not only subject to competition, but also to a Supply Chain Manager who wants to commoditize everything he buys, you need to Get Specced In.

Because the fact is, that despite what they tell you, buyers want to ignore your advantages and make you compete only on price. So, if you're going to win, you must influence what gets purchased before it goes out to bid.

Get Specced In - and shut out your competition and make the Supply Chain work for you!

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