A LeadGen.com Cliffhanger

In our last episode...

A mid-sized accounting firm had grown significantly through mergers and acquisitions. But there was an uneven client load at the top. So while partners were paid according to billable hours, their very unequal contributions to overhead were creating resentment against those who weren't pulling their weight.

LeadGen.com to the Rescue!

Selling accounting services usually involves networking and personal selling by the accountant. But some of the partners weren't good at it, and others simply didn't have time. So they turned to LeadGen.com for help.

The other issue with selling accounting services, particularly in the business market, is that everyone always already has an accountant that they like. And no one likes to change accountants. So there were significant barriers to organic growth.

Through research and cold calling, and the development if a solid business case, we were able to get them in the door at several dozen mid-sized companies that were their prime targets. And by providing coaching, were were able to get the less sales-talented partners to put on enough of a good show to add 20% to their book of business, which completely closed the contribution gap - all in less than six months.

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