Introduction Part 5

Before I go too far, I want to talk about who these videos are for.

The Rest of the Story...

In part, these videos are for all you Marketing Experts out there – people who supposedly know everything there is to know about content marketing, and inbound marketing, networking, email marketing, and all manner of digital marketing.

In most cases, if you’re lucky and you actually have a job, you probably work for a company that pays you to create content, develop contacts, drive traffic, send out emails, and maybe do some lead generation.

And so this series is also for all the salespeople out there who either do their own marketing and lead generation, or who rely on a Marketing expert to stimulate demand on their behalf.

And finally, this series is for all the business owners out there who have been led to believe any of that this stuff actually works. And who, as a result, pay these folks to get you in the game, until you run out of money and time because, in most cases, they can’t.

Now, just to be clear, I don’t want to say that this stuff NEVER works. But the odds that it will work are so small as to be effectively meaningless – because the game is wired against you.

Think about it this way: If a typical response rate on an email campaign is less than one one-hundredth of one percent, and you can get tagged as a spammer by Google if you send out more 250 unsolicited emails per day, how is that not a fatal flaw?

Speaking of Google. Right now, go to google and do a search on your preferred search terms. How many results did you get? Billions? And what page was your company on? And why is Google even paginated?

Anyway, how about this one: Maybe you’ve read of a study saying the 57% of the buyer’s journey is completed before they ever engage with a salesperson.

As this was being used as a potent justification for investing in inbound market, I actually called the company that supposedly did the original study. The “author” refused to speak with me. But his secretary told me that, in fact, it was entirely anecdotal, and they never actually did a real survey.

More to the point: If it were true, how would anyone ever sell something where the buyer didn’t already know he had a need??? What would he search on?

See where I’m going with this?

It’s all a con.

Did you know that LeadGen.com does much more than just lead generation?

LeadGen.com is the "One-Stop Shop" for all your sales and marketing needs.

Strategy Development
☐ Opportunity Identification
☐ Strategic Analysis
☐ Competitive Analysis
☐ New Product Planning
☐ Strategic Market Planning
☐ Business Plans
☐ Marketing Plans
☐ Sales/Territory Plans
☐ Modeling and Risk Analysis
☐ Situation Analysis
☐ SWOT Analysis

☐ Targeted Facebook Ads
☐ Social Media Marketing
☐ Public Relations
☐ Digital Marketing
☐ LinkedIn Advertising
☐ Instagram, Twitter, etc.
☐ Pay-per-click Advertising
☐ Reverse Ads
☐ Intent Marketing
☐ Text Marketing
☐ Geofence Marketing
☐ Retargeting
☐ Video Marketing
☐ Click Funnels
☐ Mobile Marketing
☐ Billboards
☐ Radio / TV Advertising
☐ Digital Advertising
☐ Email Marketing
☐ Direct Mail
☐ Search Engine Optimization
☐ Publicity
☐ Branding

Content Creation and Distribution
☐ Blogging
☐ Vlogging
☐ Content Writing

Market Research and Targeting
☐ Primary Market Research
☐ Secondary Market Research
☐ Surveys and Questionnaires
☐ List Research and Clean-Up
☐ Data Mining
☐ Calling/Mailing Lists

Recruiting and Development
☐ Sales Recruiting
☐ Business Development Reps
☐ Channel Partner Recruiting
☐ Sales Manager Recruiting
☐ Marketing Manager Recruiting
☐ Sales Role Modelling
☐ Compensation Programs
☐ Influencer Recruiting

Sales Training
☐ Cold Calling Training
☐ Account Mgt Training
☐ Solution Selling
☐ Sales Coaching
☐ Sell Cycle Mgt

☐ UX/ UI Design
☐ CRM Systems
☐ Call Center Systems
☐ AI Systems
☐ Immersive Story-Telling
☐ e-Commerce Systems
☐ Custom Software
☐ Mobile Systems
☐ App Development
☐ Security and Anti-Fraud

Financial Solutions
☐ Commercial Loans
☐ Receivables Factoring
☐ Equity Investment

Sales/Marketing Consulting
☐ Sales Consulting
☐ Marketing Consulting
☐ Channel Consulting

Campaign Components
☐ Brochures and Fliers
☐ Case Histories
☐ Economic-Value Models
☐ Script Writing
☐ Cover Letters
☐ Sell Sheets
☐ Proposal Writing
☐ White Papers
☐ Videos
☐ Animation
☐ Infomercials
☐ Conversion Pages
☐ Landing Pages

Lead Generation
☐ B2B Telemarketing
☐ Professional Cold Calling
☐ LinkedIn Lead Generation
☐ Bulk Cold Calling
☐ Executive App't-Setting
☐ Getting Specced In
☐ Pre-Qualification Programs
☐ Nurture Campaigns
☐ Telesales
☐ Trade Show Pre-Calls
☐ Trade Show Follow-Ups
☐ Call Center Screening

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