A LeadGen.com Bedtime Story

In the last chapter...

When you receive a frantic phone call from a client, you jump. And so it was when we got a call from a long-time customer who had just gotten off an airplane, only to discover that the meeting he had flown in to attend been canceled. He wanted to know if we could book him an appointment with some other prospect while he was in town so he could potentially salvage some ROI on his plane ticket.

The Lead Generator Saves the Day!

When you understand your client's business and goals, it becomes a lot easier to react to a crisis - even if it's a small one like avoiding a wasted business trip.

We quickly researched a list of potential prospects in the city, uploaded it to our CRM, and started calling. Before the client could even check into his hotel, we had booked two appointments - one for that day, and one for the next. And our road warrior was back in the saddle again.

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