A LeadGen.com Partner Success Story

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A financial services company needed to increase visits to their website, and break through the clutter in their heavily saturated market. And they needed to do it at a cost of no more than $4.00 per visit, or else they wouldn't meet their extremely tight profitability goals for the program.

A LeadGen.com Partner to the Rescue!

To solve the problem, they turned to Gemstone Data, a LeadGen.com Partner, who was able to identify the right target audience, and serve them over 22.4M ads. Optimized at the keyword, day part and recency level to ensure the ads were getting to the right audience - at the right time and to prospects who were recently searching for financial services keywords - the campaign increased page views by 6,484 with a cost-per-visitor of only $2.13 - roughly half the cost of the cmpaign's original budget.

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