A LeadGen.com Partner Success Story

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A pet products company wanted to increase their online sales, and create more awareness in its target audience. So they reached out to Gemstone Data, a LeadGen.com Partner, to take advantage of its unique geo-fencing technology, and accomplish their stretch goal of a CTR of at least .08%.

A LeadGen.com Partner to the Rescue!

The campaign used a customized geo-fencing tactic to specifically target pet owners and pet advocates, while the client provided a list of locations to capture their target audience - focusing on humane societies, animal hospitals and clinics, pet boarding companies, and pet retail stores. With the quick learning from the campaign launch, the Gemstone team was able to optimize the client's keywords, and target specific blogs and domains to more precisely and efficiently reach their prospective customers.

As a result of Gemstone Data’s unique optimizations and geo-fence tactics, the client was able to achieve a CTR of more than .20% - more than double their original goal of a .08%.

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