A LeadGen.com Partner Success Story

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A startup had created an innovative algorithm that predicts vehicle failures. But they were having trouble selling their solution - because their technology-oriented engineering team had no real business development experience. And if they couldn't generate sales, or at least build a distribution channel, they were going to quickly run out of funding.

A LeadGen.com Partner to the Rescue!

After several failed attempts to solve the problem, they called the Tyrone Matheson Group, a LeadGen.com partner. After assessing the challenge and the opportunity, Matheson was able to successfully introduce them to a global after-market automotive company that had distribution in 42 countries, and over 450 franchises. The new channel opened up for them an immediate revenue stream, along with a global support organization, that, in addition, enabled them to attract additional investor capital to further fuel growth and development, leading to a profitable and successful introduction into the market.

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