A LeadGen.com Partner Success Story

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A brick-and-mortar retailer that sells children's toys and clothing was suffering at the hands of online retailers, and slow demand. The owner had a large following on Facebook, but cash-flow was poor. This further delayed ordering, threatening her ability to tap the critical back-to-school buying season, and ultimately putting the company's viability in doubt.

A LeadGen.com Partner to the Rescue!

Near the end of her rope, the owner called the Tyrone Matheson Group because of their reputation for finding creative solutions to difficult business problems. Leveraging the owner's Facebook following, Matheson created a loyalty program that enabled the company to monetize the asset. And they came up with a creative pre-order strategy that eased cash-flow, and brought in inventory - virtually for free.

As a result of Matheson's program, the company made more profit in 48 hours than they had made in the previous seven years!

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