A LeadGen.com Bedtime Story

In the last chapter...

Once upon a time, back before everyone had 3D printers, if you wanted to make a prototype you had to mold it from clay, plastic, metal or even wood. It was time-consuming, expensive and prone to errors. So the inventors of 3D printers knew they had a great market opportunity. The problem was that they couldn't gain visibility with the engineers who needed it - because the engineers didn't know it existed. And millions of dollars in development were about to go down the tubes.

The Lead Generator Saves the Day!

LeadGen.com, however, knew how to identify companies that did prototyping, and how to reach the engineers who cared about it. Within two months of launch we had developed a backlog of meetings, demos and pilot programs for the inventors. And within a year the company had units in virtually every major target customer, and their biggest problem was hiring enough salespeople to cover the leads. And that's why we have 3D printing today.

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