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Because we offer every possible solution, plus the decades of experience and expertise needed to employ them effectively, you can save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars on your sales and marketing programs, while reducing your risk, and saving months of wasted time and effort. Here's how it plays out:

  • WE CAN CREATE A MORE EFFECTIVE GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGY: Setting a sales goal is easy; figuring out how to achieve it is hard. At we have experts who can design marketing and sales strategies that work, so you get profitable opportunities that ring your cash register.

  • WE CAN GENERATE MORE AND BETTER QUALIFIED SALES LEADS: At we can put you in front of decision makers who need your company's products or services, and who want to talk with you about how you can help - so you have a legitimate chance of making a sale.

  • WE CAN IMPROVE YOUR SALES TEAM'S PERFORMANCE: can recruit, hire, train, structure, coach and motivate your team so they close more sales, and maximize your ROI.

  • WE CAN YOU GET A HIGHER CLOSE RATE: We can make sure that more leads convert, and close successfully, so your work isn't wasted.

  • WE CAN BREAK THROUGH THE CLUTTER: We have tools and techniques that can break through the clutter in the media, so your message is actually heard.

  • WE CAN STIMULATE MORE AND STRONGER INTEREST: We can convert "attention" into "interest," so your prospects will actually engage with you.

  • WE CAN BRIDGE THE GAP BETWEEN MARKETING AND SALES: The reason Marketing and Sales people argue is because they're working with different definitions of what constitutes a "sales lead." We can reconcile the differences so they're pulling in the same direction.

  • WE CAN UNHOOK AND DEFEAT YOUR COMPETITION: We not only make sure you win, but that the other guy loses - because sales is a zero-sum game.

  • WE CAN HELP YOU BECOME THE "GO-TO" PROVIDER: We can develop strategies that can make you the default choice in the market, so you can reduce your cost-of-sales, and maximize your margins.

  • WE CAN HELP YOU LEVERAGE YOUR RESOURCES: With our "Develop it once, use it everywhere" approach, we can create program elements, such as your Value Proposition, Positioning, Economics and Benefits, that can be used in every phase of your marketing and sales program, so you don't have to re-develop them with every vendor - and so you can save tens of thousands of dollars or more, plus insure their consistency across programs.

  • WE CAN PROVIDE YOU WITH PASS-THROUGH SAVINGS: Because we consolidate their marketing, and coordinate their projects, we lower our partners' costs, so we can pass the savings along to you.

  • WE CAN GIVE YOU PRACTICAL AND UNBIASED ADVICE: You know the old saying: "If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." But at we have dozens of solutions, so you get what you need, not just what your solution provider has on the shelf.

  • WE CAN GIVE YOU "ONE THROAT TO CHOKE!": When you use multiple vendors, and an initiative fails, that's when the finger-pointing begins. But with you get a dedicated Account Manager to oversee all of the work, so you can get a good night's sleep knowing that there's someone out there who really cares whether or not you succeed.

  • AND WE CAN GIVE YOU MEANINGFUL ACCOUNTABILITY: Asking your vendor to work on a performance basis courts disaster. At, we measure our success by your success, so you actually achieve it.

When it comes to your Sales and Marketing program, a "one-stop shop" approach can save you thousands of dollars or more, dramatically reduce your risk of failure, minimize the time it takes to achieve success, and eliminate mountains of headaches and aggravation. Oh, and unlike a multi-vendor approach, it can also get you the results you're looking for.

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As "the One-Stop-Shop for All Your Sales and Marketing Needs," has everything you need - to build your Sales Engine, to grow your business, and to get you from "where you are" to "where you want to be." Just select what you need, call 856-638-0399, and leave the rest to us!

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Brochures and Fliers
Case Histories
Economic-Value (EVC) Models
Cover Letters

Strategy Development

Market Opportunity Identification
Strategy Analysis
Competitive Analysis
New Product Planning
Strategic Market Planning
Business Plans
Marketing Plans
Sales/Territory Plans
Modeling and Risk Analysis

Content/CM Development

Content Writing
Web Site Development
Sell Sheets
Social Media Postings


Geofence Marketing
Video Marketing
Landing Page Publishing
Digital Marketing
Mobile Marketing

Radio / TV Advertising
Digital Advertising
Email Marketing
Direct Mail
Social Media Marketing
Search Engine Optimization

Sales Development

Channel Management
Channel Partners
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Lead Generation

LinkedIn Lead Generation
Professional B2B Telemarketing
Executive Appointment-Setting
Getting Specced In
Pre-Qualification Programs
Nurture Campaigns
Appointment-Setting Programs
Trade Show Pre-Calls/Follow-Ups
Targeted Facebook Ads

Market Research and Targeting

Primary Market Research
Secondary Market Research
Surveys and Questionnaires
List Research and Clean-Up
Data Mining



Entry-Level Teleprospectors
Sales Representatives
Lead Generation Specialists
Business Development Reps
Field Sales Representatives
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Sales Job Modeling


UX/ UI Design
CRM Systems
Call Center Systems
AI Systems
e-Commerce Systems
Custom Software Development


Sales Training 101
Sales Coaching
Cold Calling Training
Sales Skills Assessment


Business Loans/Funding


Sales Consulting
Marketing Consulting


As the saying goes, "If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail." That's why we offer every possible sales and marketing solution - so we can be unbiased with our recommendations, and so we can make sure you get the results you're looking for.