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Announcing: The Cold Calling Workshop!

Cold calling isn't dead! It's not even resting! In fact, it's the fastest, best and easiest way to generate new sales.

The idea that cold calling is dead is a classic example of "The Big Lie" - a statement that, if you repeat it often enough, people will start to believe it. The reality is that it's a bunch of marketing nonsense put out by companies that just want you to buy their digital marketing services.

The truth is that cold calling is alive and well. And it still works - if you know what you're doing.

Do You Need to Make More Effective Cold Calls?

If you want to make more effective cold calls, learn Cold Calling from the professionals at And start getting sales - instead of rejection!

  • Do you need to "get in the door" with real decision makers?
  • Do want to have more fun and less rejection?
  • Do you need more appointments?
  • Do you need better opportunities?
  • Do you need more sales?
  • Do you need to take your sales career to the next level?

Learn from the pros, and watch your sales grow!


Attend the " Cold Calling" Workshop

If you want to learn how to make more effective cold calls, sign up for a Cold Calling Workshop, and get everything you need to kick-start your sales!

The Cold Calling Workshop is a facilitator-led, real-time activity, where you will learn practical skills from one of the experienced cold-calling experts at You'll even get to script your own calls, and practice them in live role-plays with other classmates. So be prepared to be learn new skills, and be prepared to take your sales game to the next level!


Participation in a Cold Calling Workshop is only $49.00 per person per 90 minute live, hands-on session.


The Cold Calling Workshop is a series of interactive, online sessions, with each one dedicated to teaching you, and enabling you to practice, a key cold calling skill, such as:

  1. Getting past gatekeepers
  2. Stimulating initial interest
  3. Uncovering needs
  4. Overcoming objections
  5. Getting call-backs from you voice mail messages
  6. Building value
  7. Getting the prospect to engage
  8. Getting the prospect to commit to a time
  9. And more!

You can attend as few, or as many, sessions as you wish, with each workshop session costing only $49/session.

Upcoming Workshop Dates

The following are dates and topics for currently scheduled Workshops:

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designed for your company
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Note: If you are interested in arranging for a customized Cold Calling Workshop for your team, please call 856-638-0399.

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Participants who successfully pass the Cold Calling Assessment will be certified by, and become eligible for the endorsement of your skills, and a recommendation for your next job!

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