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Why Use

Do you have a sales or marketing challenge? has all the tools, experience and expertise you need...

  • ✔ To overcome any barrier-to-success
  • ✔ Faster, better and less expensively
  • ✔ No matter what business you're in

Whether you're trying to unhook your competition or to take your business to the next level, and whether you're looking for an in-house solution or you prefer outsourcing, at we can help you can achieve your goals faster, and at a lower cost and risk than you ever thought possible.

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Hundreds of Solutions - All in One Place

Since no single solution can solve most sales and marketing problems, we partner with dozens of the most innovative providers in the industry, who work as a team to solve your problem, and help you achieve your goals.

Save Time and Money

With you don't have to look all over to find the right answer - everything you need is right at your fingertips. And you don't have to pay to re-educate your vendors about your business each time you sign up a new one.

Unbiased Advice

Since we offer every possible solution, we're unbiased as to what we recommend. So you get what you need, not just what's available.

Experience and Expertise

Our Account Managers have decades of experience solving sales and marketing problems, so you don't have to learn the hard way.

One Throat to Choke

By providing you with a single-point-of-contact, eliminates the finger-pointing between Marketing and Sales - so you can worry less, and celebrate more.

Accountability for Results

In Marketing, the only KPI that really matters is the Expected Value of your Funnel; just like in Sales, where it's Revenue. That's accountability that counts!

Don't Get Burned Again

We know what you've been through - "Trial and Error Marketing" or worse. But that's why we built - to help you get from "where you are" to "where you want to be".

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Need Help?

At, we can help you:

  • ✔ Unhook competition
  • ✔ Get your prospect's attention
  • ✔ Increase your response rate
  • ✔ Increase your close rate
  • ✔ Shorten your sell-cycle
  • ✔ Get past gatekeepers
  • ✔ Persuade prospects to contact you
  • ✔ Find opportunities faster
  • ✔ Win a price war
  • ✔ Recruit and train qualified salespeople
  • ✔ Generate better-quality leads
  • ✔ Produce more effective advertising
  • ✔ Increase your sales margins
  • ✔ Win more, lose less, and stop wasting time and money on solutions that don't work!

Call 866-235-1100 and talk to - before it's too late even for us to fix the problem!

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Email Marketing

 Success Stories and our Partners have helped hundreds of companies achieve their Sales and Marketing goals. And we can help you, too, just like in these examples:

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An eLearning Company

An eLearning company was struggling to close four new deals a year. When got through with them, they were closing 4 new deals per month - a 1200% increase!

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Global Distribution partner TMG arranged a joint venture between an analytics start-up and a global auto organization. The new partnership provided the start-up with distribution in over 40 countries, creating an immediate and significant new revenue stream for their business.

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A Metal Fabricator

A metal fabricator wanted to sell his business, but revenues had slackened. helped them penetrate the power gen market, doubling revenues and enabling a successful sale of the company.

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Brick & Mortar Retail

A retailer was struggling to get new customers into their brick and mortar store. So Partner TMG created and marketed a membership program for customers that generated over $3,400 in new revenue in just 48 hours for a cost of $0.00!

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A Race Track

Attendance at a horse racing venue was far below break-even on weekdays. pitched it to area companies as a great place for a company outing, and tripled weekday revenues!

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A large national telecom was suffering from a 24% churn rate. Partner TMG developed an AI solution that reduced churn by 16%, and increased retention by 80%, while reucing the cost of retention by 33%, resulting in an annual savings of over $346 million.

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3D Printing

3D printing was an unknown technology when an early entrant asked to help develop the market, which we did by getting them into over a dozen Fortune 500 manufacturers.

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A large consulting firm needed help filling their executive seminar series. created a program that was so successful that it generated a year-long backlog of people who wanted to attend.

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A Fortune 100 wanted to expand the market share of their HVAC division in the hospital market. accounted for over 60% of their new sales, while enabling them to far exceed their market share goals.

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Jail Mgt Software

A software company had developed an app for jail management, but they couldn't get past the incumbent vendor. So developed and implemented a campaign that was able to unhook the competitor in dozens of facilities.

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An M&A specialist was having trouble finding acquisition candidates for their PT client. A program by identified scores of qualified candidates, and persuaded enough owners to consider selling to completely satisfy the client's growth plan.

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Janitorial Services

The salespeople for a regional janitorial company were spending too much time on account management, so growth was flat. created a program that filled their sales funnels, and put the company on a solid growth track.

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Neonatal Services

A medical practice specializing in neonatology wanted to expand into multiple hospital systems. got them introductions into more than 30 different hospital systems, enabling them to far exceed their revenue goals.

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Health Insurance

A health insurance brokerage firm was able to gain a dominant market share in their region through sales training and more effective sales management, enabling the owners to sell the firm and retire comfortably - thanks to

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Managed Services

A managed services company couldn't look for new accounts and service old accounts at the same time - until they called We enabled them to triple their growth rate and revenues within less than 6 months.

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Market Research

A market research firm was having trouble breaking into the Fortune 500. But with help from a Executive Appointment-Setting program, they were able to land deals a four major, new accounts.

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Video Conference Rooms

A system integrator specializing in executive conference rooms was having trouble finding new business. enabled them to find planned projects, and positioned them to win over $2M in new business.

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Building Networks

A Fortune 500 LAN manufacturer felt they weren't getting a shot at enough opportunities. So put together a program that netted them over $60M/year in new business.

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Surveillance Systems

An innovator in video surveillance systems was having trouble breaking into the municipal market. But with help from, they were able to generate over $6M in sales - double their goal.

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Airline Consultant

A European consulting company that specializes in helping airlines improve profitability was unable to penetrate the US market. With help from, however, they were able to get into five of the six largest carriers at a high level.

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Industrial Filters

The five salespeople for nationwide distributor of industrial filters had large territories to service, so they had little time for cold calling. So they asked to do their prospecting - whereby we got them into almost every one of their target accounts in three years.

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3D Software

A leading provider of 3D design software needed to expand their book of business, but their sales force couldn't meet their goal for new business. put together a marketing program that resulted on hundreds of new sales, enabling them to meet their goals for two years.

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A producer of fireworks displays was getting outsold by their competition, despite having a better product. turned around their sales by getting them in with decision makers before the RFPs went out so they could wire the spec.

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Specialty Papers

A European manufacturer of specialty label paper wanted to break into the US wine market. So we got them over 150 appointments with decision makers at leading wineries around the country.

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Steel Mill

A specialty steel mill had high-quality, cost-effective a niche product, but they had trouble finding suspects worth targeting. developed a research strategy that enabled them to refine their targeting, and become the leading provider in the segment.

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Copper Nuggets

A manufacturer of copper anode was losing business to a competitor who sold below cost. showed them how to win a price war, which ended when the competitor went bankrupt.

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Insurance Agency taught the 12-person sales team for an insurance agency how to make cold calls, resulting in a doubling of sales year-over-year.

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Publicity Firm

A small, but extremely creative publicity firm knew how to get exposure for their consumer product manufacturer clients, but they had trouble getting the attention of the decision makers. Of thirty targets, we got them C-level appointments at ten - a 33% appointment rate, along with three new contracts.

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Dental Milling

The manufacturer of an innovative line of dental milling machines wanted to leverage their first-mover position in the market. So they asked to get them into as many dental labs as possible, which we did - 36 times in less than 100 hours.

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Industrial Sweepers

The manufacturer of industrial sweeping equipment wanted to introduce a new product, but they couldn't get their sales reps to push it. So they asked, who generated enough leads to sell out the entire first years' production.

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IT Development

An offshore IT development firm had trouble getting around bias in the market, and finding new business. found them enough good leads, and helped them close enough new business, to double in size over 18 months.

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Hospital Consultant

A consulting company specializing in hospital management uses to fill their annual seminar series, returning a 700% ROI year-after-year.

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With's help, a large auditing firm was able to generate 60% more business, and become the go-to provider in their traditional market - and then do it again in two additional, new markets.

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An Accounting Firm

Underutilization of staff between tax periods was draining profits for a mid-sized accounting firm - until created a promotional program that grew revenues by 60% in less than a year.

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A logistics firm was unable to recover their investment in refrigeration, no matter what they tried - until they called We came up with a strategy that maxed out their capacity within less than 6 months.

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An engineering firm needed to increase their client base, or risk having to lay off staff. So they turned to to research projects that fit their skill-set, and get them a shot at the business - of which they closed enough accounts to achieve full utilization.

 Tools of the Trade

Do you have a Sales or Marketing issue? Use these free tools to evaluate your sales and marketing programs.

1. Calculate Your Cost-per-Lead and MROI

2. Choosing a LeadGen partner

3. Fire your low performers

4. Do you have a growth opportunity

5. Justifying market research

6. The Cold Calling Skills Test

7.Your Customized Sales Assessent

 Our Partners partners with some of the most innovative solution providers in the business, to deliver you the results you're seeking, such as the following:

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 Articles and White Papers

Below are a number of articles and white papers to help you better understand your sales and marketing challenges.

1. Accountability in Sales and Marketing

2. Outsourcing Decision Guide

3. Understanding the Approach

4. Why You Shouldn't Buy from

5. Strategy vs Tactics

6. How to Maximize Your ROI and Eliminate Your Waste

7. Overcoming the Commoditization Trap

8. Get More from Your Channel Program

9. High Performance Market Opportunity Development

If you need help understanding how Marketing and Sales are supposed to work, ask us. We're here to help.

 What Our Clients Say

Do you need help?

I want to thank you and Larry, our agent, for the personalized touch that you gave to our account. From our first interaction with you made us feel that we were an important customer. As we worked through different projects Larry took the discussions with customers seriously and worked hard to ensure that things did not fall through the cracks.

Do you need help?

I am one happy person! Thanks for the great work that you and the folks at are doing on our behalf!!

Do you need help?

Thank you for your help on our recent marketing program. Great job! You will be our first contact for the future, if we plan any initiatives for the US, as we have made good experience with your company on the last project.

Do you need help?

The services were outstanding, and well worth the price. We enjoyed working with you.

Do you need help?

Jon is kicking ass! He's sharp, intelligent, switched on, very engaged, enthusiastic, productive and really a pleasure to work with. I find I get a charge from his energy, and the whole team is energized as well. So, in short, we are very pleased, and we are progressing very well!

Do you need help?

Liesa is doing a great job. Keep up the good work!

Do you need help? is the company to talk to. They are super listeners, they develops very effective campaigns, launch them well and it's a team that stays on top of them and provide clients regular feedback to tweak the sales/prospecting program.

Do you need help?

The overarching opinion that we, and I, had about the project was that it was a great success. While it was relatively costly out-of-pocket, we showed that overall we got a very good return on our investment. The objective was met, which was to kick-start sales in a certain area, and I have nothing but high marks and high praise for you and your gang.

Do you need help?

Jeff has run a few campaigns for me and done a very good job. I'd highly recommend his firm. He's got a great program and does well managing his team to get the results the client's desire.

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We thought that, by outsourcing, the best case scenario would be that we'd get a few more leads. . . but we've found that with your broader JV/M approach, we get better qualified leads, and lots of them."

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"Thanks for the great job your guys did on our annual user event. I never thought we'd get such a big turnout, but it we had a lot more attendees than we ever expected. We look forward to doing it again next year."

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"The sales team is very excited about the appointments Joe got for them, and it looks like the rollout is going to be very successful. Keep up the good work."